Why You Need To Read This Book

  • Are you confused about which Senior Housing option is the best for you?
  • Are you afraid to live by yourself, yet unwilling to give up your independence?
  • Would you like to know more about what you should do with your existing house?
  • Do you have a Senior family member with changing health and living needs?
  • Are you interested in learning more about the costs of Senior Housing?
  • Would you like to have a solid plan in place, that offers options and fits different budgets, to help you make a smooth transition?

The GOAL of this book is to answer ALL these questions and many more.

Senior Housing options can be overwhelming. "HOME TO HOME" will dispel the the myths and misconceptions about Senior Housing, and help you and your family navigate through the decisions you are currently or will soon be facing.


What Your Will Learn With This Book

  • Options For Selling Your Home

    Creating a plan to sell your home and understanding the mistakes to avoid.

  • Keeping Your Home and Staying

    Understanding the main issues to consider and building a roadmap for keeping your home.

  • Senior Housing Choices

    Understanding the Three Levels of Care and how to choose the right facility.

  • The Costs of Senior Housing

    Understanding the costs and affordability of independent care versus assisted living facilities.

  • Planning The Ideal Destination

    Checklists for planning the roadmap for choosing the right option for your situation and timeline.

  • Special Challenges For Family

    Understanding the impact on family members and important questions to consider .

What People Are Saying

Great Resource for People with Older Parents I bought this book to learn how to help my parents with their house. I have been stressed out about how to pay for my parents senior living care. I learned a lot from of the chapter that covered what Medicare covered and what it did not cover. Good book!
Angie D.
AWESOME INFORMATION This book is exactly what I needed to start planning early with my mom. It exceeded my expectation with the details. It is a well thought out planning workbook. I'm sure Max's grandmother is super proud of the work he has done to help other families!
Shateka H.
This Book has a lot of answers and suggestions!I really enjoyed this book. There are so many issues and roadblocks that come up when I was dealing with my parents housing after dad fell and mom couldnt care for him. This book was a real blessing in a time of need.
Gilbert F